Product & Services

Core Competencies
  •  Human Language Technology (NLP & CL)
  •  Machine Learning Algorithms
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Knowledge Discovery from Data
  •  Data Intelligence


Brand & PR Management

Social Media & Web Data: Analysis & Real-Time Monitoring

Spend less time finding information. Discover real-time actionable intelligence.

Without AI: Traditional systems that use keywords are incapable of reading text or understanding language in text documents, therefore, they miss a great deal of important information.

AI: Our AI technology understands the language in a manner which is much closer to human level processing of language.
  • It enables you to manage, analyze and extract insights from billions of social media posts, profiles and conversations, blogs, news articles, web pages, etc.
  • It can analyze sentiments, opinion, and emotions for given context.
  • It can do automatic text classification & summarization, while retaining the content diversity.

Sales & Marketing

Customer & Marketing Intelligence.

Crush data complexity. Discover actionable insights.

AI driven analysis of data about customers, demography, purchase behavior, seasonality, social network, product feature, etc. can turn the data into marketing insights for data-driven decision making, better customer segmentation, predicting customers’ propensity to buy and much more.

It can enable better campaigns by helping in identify prospective customers, more effective targeted cross-selling and up-selling, improved customer service. Hence, contribute in boosting your revenue. 

  • Targeted Product recommendation - map product variables to the specific needs of a customer.
  • Targeted cross-sell and up-sell 
  • Customer intelligence improvement - integrated customer view including non-traditional sources
  • Customer reviews & service. 

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Operational Risk Management
Analysis & monitoring of big data and open source web information for deeper understanding of events concerning your supply chain and those that generates risk or could impact your operations.

  • 360 degree view
Real-time visibility into demand, supply, production and inventory by algorithmic tracking of key metrics, trends and analytics for supply chain performance. Predicts & alerts in advance for “What areas of supply chain need immediate attention?”

  • Inventory Stock
Augment ERP and CRM data with AI in real-time. Optimize safety stock. Reduce excess inventory by identifying SKUs having an opportunity to reduce inventory. Track near-expiry or finished-goods inventory. This helps in significantly reducing the working capital.

  • Digitizing Manufacturing Process
Enjoy the benefits of embedded IoT & Analytics. We assist in digitizing manufacturing processes to increase productivity & agility. You can see real-time digital map of your manufacturing operations, track lead time & status of each product at each step in the production line, from raw materials to finished products. 
AI accurately predicts safety stock requirement, production capacity, predicted lead time, capable to promise (CTP) for any given date, etc and Identifies opportunities to reduce production cycle time.

FMCG Retail & E-commerce Warehouse

Uncover lost & hidden opportunities.

AI predictions assist in mitigating out-of-stock situations, minimizing excess inventory stock, optimize allocations, better inventory planning and thus, reducing the working capital.
We combine the retailer’s data (PoS, etc) with external contextual information (weather, political-administrative local events, competitor activity, etc).

Suppliers also need to be proactive with their Retailers by ensuring their products are delivered and in-stock so they’re not losing potential sales and revenue from end-consumers.

Data Science Consulting

Why not reap the benefits of your data using AI powered by Agile Infotelligence. Script your success story by availing the benefits of AI & Data Science consulting.

What do we mean by success? 
Success is when it helps in improving sales by X%, or your ratings go up, or you save $$, or when you speed up your processes.

Wild Card

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