In addition to our client's data, we gather data from variety of public domains on the internet, including the un-structured text data from social media, news sites, etc. All the data dump is cleaned and curated which is then used for data exploration & predictive modeling.


We deploy variety of data science tools and machine learning algorithms (regression, trees, neural nets, ensembles etc)  to extract critical insights from the vast pool of data. We deploy state-of-the-art systems which automatically improves its performance with continuous usage & exposure to new data. Based on artificial Intelligence algorithms, our Natural Language Processing technology applies human-like comprehension and understands text the way people do to gain insights from big data and unstructured text information such as documents, news articles, blogs, reports, customer interactions, social media posts, emails, etc.


All the critical insights and key performance indices are appropriately presented in easy-to-understand interactive visualizations in dashboard or info-graphics style.

Agile Infotelligence Demo